Home Cured Bacon

So this may not be part of your magic diet, but it sure sounds delicious!!

I demoed home-cured bacon at the Blogher 2010 after party Saturday night, with the help of the excellent students of the California Culinary Academy (thanks for the perfect set-up, chef-students!).  I couldn’t do it start to finish, of course.  You need to give the belly a dry rub for a week.  Then you need to cook it for an hour or so.  People drinking bacon martinis on a Saturday night don’t want to stand around watching pork belly cure.

Via Michael Ruhlman (you've seen him on Boudain!)

Spiders Are The New Pesticide

Yes, a magic diet has many components – and healthy, chemical free food can certainly be a huge component!

Watch this video and see for yourself:

Spaghetti Tacos??

So a joke on a TV show turns into the latest unhealthy food fad?  WOW.  Definitely NOT a way to lose weight really fast!


Pay Fatties to Lose Weight?

I'm kidding right?  Not – and hey, maybe getting paid to lose the pound is the actual magic diet secret!

Very opinionated op-ed type article, read it here.

Harvesting Seeds From Your Garden

Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

Could this be an important part of your free weight loss program?

After a little tinkering in the kitchen, I created a gluten-free version of Rosie's spicy, sweet bread. While developing the gluten-free version of the recipe, it was important to me that the pumpkin and spice flavors came through. I didn't want to mute the flavors of the bread with strongly flavored gluten-free flours. To help with this, I looked to white rice flour and cornstarch. They did the job nicely. Not only does the flavor of the bread shine, they also combine to create a great texture. The crumb is damp and soft, like a good quick bread should be. If you prefer to bake with brown rice flour, however, you can substitute it successfully in this recipe. Brown rice flour adds a slight nutty flavor and a bit of a coarser texture to the finished loaf.

Insects and Worms

Definitely part of a balanced magic diet!!

sanos de maguey

My wife’s said that insects are the food of the future. But some are embracing that future voluntarily already. San Francisco-based “chef and artist” Phil Ross is bringing insects and worms to fine diners in San Francisco and New York, with unexpected results.